High Performance Powder Coatings

CrossLink Powder Coatings A manufacturer and seller of high performance powder coatings and is proud to be part of an ecologically friendly industry. Powder coatings do not contain solvents, and thereby the coating process emits negligible, if any, polluting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. Powder coatings are also an economical choice as they can be reclaimed during application, and can achieve efficiencies of up to 99%. Many different coating chemestries along with a comprehensive selection of colors, effects, and gloss levels affords the coating specifier a wide variety.

Powder coatings add the pleasing element of color to your product, while providing tenacious protection.

Products We have been developing, manufacturing and selling powder coatings since 1996. Unique coatings have been developed for special industries to include:

  • Architectural Grade

    Aesthetics and protection. Depending on the durability requirement, a coating specifier can choose from our three grades of architectural powder coatings. Our Fluoro Guard™ fluoropolymer powder coating is the highest grade, offering the best weathering performance. It is formulated to an AAMA 2605 specification. Our Architectural grade Super Durable Polyester powder coating also offers high UV and weathering resistance, formulated to the AAMA 2604 specification. Our Architectural grade standard polyester powder coating is formulated to the AAMA 2603 specification, offering good weatherability, and the excellent physical properties powder coatings are known for. Coating applicators now have a “green” powder coat option when coating architectural extrusions used in the manufacture of windows and doors, architectural handrails, and many other architectural components utilized in the fenestration industry.

  • Marine Shield

    These coatings are formulated to withstand this harsh UV and corrosion environment, while providing maximum substrate protection.

  • Low Temp Cure

    Coatings for the aerospace industry have been developed to offer a VOC free option when coating temperature sensitive substrates. Also, many other industries have adapted this innovative technology to provide powder coating solutions where special conditions exist. For example, non-metallic substrates and preassembled components can now utilize high quality powder coatings as a finishing process.

  • General Metals

    Coatings designed for general industrial requirements are also available. We provide coatings suitable for indoor or outdoor use whose industries may include the following; lawn and garden, sports equipment, automotive components, stadium seating, patio furniture, fencing and railing, lighting fixtures to name a few. Many unique features and benefits are designed into a coating, satisfying all of the product requirements